Be a Mean Girl or Woman

Little girls are told they are made from “Sugar and spice and everything nice”. No. We are made of steel and lace and dreams and plans. We are not here to placate men or make them feel less threatened.

When a creepy relative wants a kiss, we told to let Uncle Pedophile kiss us on the cheek. When we want to reject a potential suitor we have to “let him down gently”. Failure to protect a weak man’s fragile ego has literally gotten women killed.

But we should be Mean Girls – until we are actually women then we should be Mean Women. Establish boundaries and stick to them. If someone doesn’t understand or ignores your boundaries, tell them.

Walk away confidently from encounters, dates, relationships, and situations that don’t serve you. Stop apologizing. We are here and we should take up space. No apologies necessary.

Men are allowed to be themselves freely, without fear of repurcussions or seeming “Mean”. Women should do so too.

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