11 Amazing Sex Tips Solo or with a Partner

Quarantine life may have sex on binge mode like Netflix or made a dry spell the Mohave in July. Here are Nine ways to spice it up.

1.Know Your Anatomy

Before you can know how to get there, you have to know where you’re going. Remember that all women are different so the image above is just a guide. If you haven’t already, use a mirror to see how you are specifically so you know where everything is. Also be sure to check periodically so that you know what your normal is and when something may be amiss.

2. A Penis is a Large Clitoris

Don’t feel odd if you only climax from clitoral stimulation. It’s completely normal as it’s generally the most sensitive part of a woman’s anatomy.

3.Come Here

When in doggystyle reach your arm back to both rub his balls and stroke your clitoris back and forth in one move. It’s similar to the move Morpheus is doing above. The stimulation will get you both there faster and more intensely.

4. Look Ma, No Hands!

Google “Hands Free Orgasm” on YouTube and Thank me later. Once you start down this rabbit hole, google “Erotic Hypnosis” for more cerebral solo fun.

5. Just Breathe

If you are having challenges climaxing, try breathing exercises while contracting and releasing your pelvis. Think Kegels while also doing Lamaz breathing

6. Know Your Penis Anatomy

The most sensitive part of the penis shaft for most men is the front facing away from him and right under the hood. When performing oral sex or a hand job, be sure to pay special attention to it. Luckily, I found this cool image that shows exactly where to touch. It’s the little tree trunk part (the frenulum)

7. Slow Down!

Slow, Slow, Slower! Edging your partner is like moving in slow motion. Touch his balls, penis, nipples, perineum (space between his anus and scrotum) – wherever his erogenous zones are as slowly as you can. Blind fold him so he never knows which sensation is coming next. Switch.

8. Squirt

Squirting or female ejaculation is accomplished by stimulating the G Spot or Grade Berg Spot. The fluid that is released comes from the Skene’s Gland. So how do you do that?

8. (A) With a Partner

There are certain postitions that put you in the right position stimulate the G Spot. It may deoend on the curve of his penis as well. If he is curved toward his face, reverse cowgirl may be best. If he’s curved slightly to the right, scissor position may get you there. If all else fails (or even if not) he can use his hands. If he can palm a basketball, this will be extra fun! Have him insert two fingers like he’s making a pistol while curving his fingers up. Get a towel and maybe waterproof sheets.

8. (B) SOLO

While solo, you can use a G Spot dildo but oddly I have found the prostate massager to be better suited to PM getting the right spot. Makes sense, his prostate is the same as our cervix. Stimulation feels good to us both.

This is an amazing tool to use that will help stimulate the G Spot.


Speaking of prostates if he’s open to it, use your fingers or toys on him. Use your fingers in the same come hither motion, but start with one and work your way up as needed/desired. It makes sense. “Buried in the flesh are the Skene’s glands, the female equivalent of the prostate gland. In men, the prostate produces the watery component of semen. In women, Skene’s glands are also thought to produce a watery substance that may explain female “ejaculation”.



Be sure to pull the hood back, especially when using sucking toys or even when getting oral. The hood is like a hat for your clitoris. You have to pull it back!

11. TOYS!

Have a ready supply of toys. Be sure to pull the hood back to get the most enjoyment!

Hitachi is the classic, oldie but goodie!

Have you tried any of these? Any tips to add? Comment.

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