Cherrygate…A Beach Date

Just went to the beach with this guy. We had a great time. We played in the water, ate cherries, and laid out in the sun. Cherries give me gas. I got dressed on the beach but was going commando until I got a bit more privacy So as we were preparing to get into the car, I attempted to let out a silent fart rather than hold it when in the car. But it went wrong. I heard a noise and suddenly felt wet. I asked him where the bathroom was and subsequently ran to the toilet. There was no door to the outside. I find the one roll of toilet paper and run into the stall. 2 minutes later someone else came in and if I hadn’t beaten them, I would not have had toilet tissue. I get in the stall and take off my dress. Liquid poop is all over my dress and legs. I still had to go and because I couldn’t sit on the public toilet (there was no seat) I squatted over it and proceeded to spray liquid poop all over the wall. I then had to wipe down the toilet, wall, and floor. Then I had to try to shower and wash my dress in the bathroom sink, while wearing a towel and trying not to flash passerbys as there was no door. I finally managed to clean everything up and walk back to the car with my dress soaking wet from the waist down and very grateful for his leather seats. As I apologized for taking so long, I heard my grandmother in my head. “You thought like Lit. Thought you was gone fart and shit”. (Say it aloud) this really happened.  A friend (not the date) sent me the picture for this story to accompany me on my next day at the beach. 

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