I Touch Myself…And So Should You

Sex is amazing, but you already knew that. If it wasn’t there’d be a lot fewer people in Mahnattan and apartments there would be so much cheaper. But sex is this hole ball of goo – no pun intended. Folks get all confused, pious, whorish, etc. There are so many rules around sex and when to date, how long, three months, first date, “coyote arm” Ughhh!!! And this is when there is another person involved.

So when you are single….you gotta learn…

Zen and the art of self pleasure

I still find it comical that in 2015 we can have a Black president but women still don’t masturbate. Honey, let me tell you, some of the best sex I have ever had, involved an ac adapter.

If you are waiting for some dude to get you there, it may never happen. Plus, you get to learn what you like…so when you are in the presence of a man you will grace with the presence of your present, you will know

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