Single Is Not A Synonym For Desperate

Single is not a synonym for desperate. When you are a single black, being single is a choice. There are tons of men out here and you are a picky fool for not choosing whatever chromosome missing lad decides to ask you out.

If he has mostly opposable thumbs and a penis then dammit, what’s the problem?

Does not matter if he lives with his mother or is a misogynist or just a plain old asshole. It does not matter if he makes Notorious Big look like Shamar Moore. It does not matter if he will make absolutely no financial contributions beyond the occasional dime bag purchase.

Black women, men don’t want you hadn’t you heard? So be glad toothless is asking you out lisping like Cyndi Brady.

Listen to every gospel stage play you’ve ever seen and realize the blue collar baritone of questionable sexuality is always the best choice.

Seriously, ladies get over yourself. How the fuck are you going to have standards and shit?

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