Men Date Women That Don’t Like Them

He absolutely has to ask you out. Now there are those that disagree. However, in my experience, men go after what they want. If a man doesn’t want you enough to ask you out, he doesn’t really want you and that’s a hard pill to swallow.

I used to approach men all of the time. I worked in sales forever, am extroverted, and have no problem talking to people. So, if I was at a club and saw a fine guy, I would walk up, introduce myself, and chat him up. I’d make a joke, he’d smile, then he’d promptly ask me if my girlfriend was single. Of course she had no interest. Womp, womp, womp all the way around. Each and every time I approached a man, it was the absolute worst. He was never really invested.

But ever the persistent fool, I continued to talk to men and approach men and it never, ever, not never ever worked. Meanwhile he’s asking out the women that are hard to get…they want the chase. Yet, 9 times out of ten, they never “catch” this woman.

Finally I had a light bulb moment. Men ask out women that really don’t like them. The woman that said yes after he asked ten times doesn’t want him, isn’t attracted to him and won’t sleep with him if Huggie Bear became her pimp and made it law. She only agreed to go out of loneliness, desperation or because you are taking her to a restaurant she can’t afford to or doesn’t want to visit alone. These men will take a woman on expensive dates and find they invested in Webvan stock when she spends the entire date updating her social media accounts. After a decade or so of this, dude is bitter.

Then here comes the woman that genuinely likes him, but now he’s Meek Mill salty. He invites her on a non-date and she agrees because she really likes him. This will be a bullshit non-date like hanging out at his house or dinner where she pays because she really likes him. It doesn’t matter that after five minutes on his couch he’s already putting his finger in her vagina. He doesn’t respect her because she agreed to a non-date and he really doesn’t like her but he still wants to fuck her.

So basically men are spending money on women that don’t like them and women are agreeing to dates with no requirements because she really likes him.

It’s not about the money. It’s about knowing whether that person is genuinely interested in you. Only date that person. Say no to everyone else. And women…don’t ask.

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