Financial Reality Check – Dating Abroad.

International dating can be a financial reality check. Unless you are in the US, Canada, Switzerland, etc, people don’t generally make that much money and you would need to adjust your expectations accordingly.

It was a huge adjustment dating and living in Italy. People tend to either have inherited wealth or they don’t. My Italian partner is a working artist with a radio show and consistent club appearances (pre Covid). However, what he makes here is very different than what he would make doing the same thing in the US. Most men I know in the US that have done what he has now own clubs, other businesses, restaurants, etc. Italy is different, I even met an anesthesiologist that told me he made $57,000 a year. 😱 But… people do tend to inherit property that in large cities is worth quite a bit so they often don’t have housing expenses and have a high net worth. My partner and his sister do stand to inherit valuable property.

The reason so many have gone to the US, UK, and Canada is because they can make more money. I’d argue that the US allows you to make more money than anywhere else in the world because, Capatalism. However, the US also costs more, because Capatalism. In addition, depending on where you are abroad the cost of living will be much less than it is in the US. Healthcare, university education, and even childcare are expenses that many in other countries get for free or next to nothing.

Globally there are nuances with the financial stability of a future partner. I have learned from talking to American Black women that date abroad in Africa and the Middle East that wealthier men are very unlikely to start a serious relationship with a foreigner although they will “date” or pursue physical relationships with them. Black women in Asia hardly date at all (I know of one with a South Korean partner) and most male expats are there to date only Asians. A gay friend that lived in China for years said not to bring a husband there because almost every expat couple he knew had broken up because the husband left the wife for an Asian woman. South American men tend to have even less money than many European men and the expat women there don’t seem to be approached much from anecdotal conversations I have had with many. Even the expat dating pool isn’t often the deepest pocketed group. Many expats working abroad are teachers – I mean A LOT! Those aren’t typically well paid jobs so unless he has a trust fund, he probably won’t have much financial stability.

There are always exceptions. I have a very good friend that is a Black woman from the US that seriously dated a man in Italy whose family owned jewelry stores all over the world. He was worth millions. Of course she’s a sharp and blindingly gorgeous retired NFL cheerleader with an amazing body. If you don’t look like that, it may be a wee bit harder to find a wealthy man abroad that will seriously pursue a foreign woman.

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