Men Are Like Dogs, They Live For The Chase, Not The Prey

Man and dog have a special bond. Possibly because they get each other. They understand the others crazy. They understand the chase. When it comes to dating, men are like dogs, they live for the chase, not the prey.

I have two dogs and they love to chase squirrels and swim after geese. Duke will swim up to a goose and the goose will try to get away. In terror and desperation the goose will flap its wings and squawk in terror. But Duke is tenacious. He swims fervently after his prey. His head visible above the water while he paddles swiftly under water. There isnt a goose yet that Duke has been unable to reach. But then an odd thing occurs. As soon as Duke reaches the goose, the goose he leapt into the chilly water after, the goose he was adamant and panting heavily in effort to catch, Duke turns around. His interest is completely gone. Men are like dogs. They really love the chase, but are less interested in actually keeping the prey.

Once my tiny dog Monty found a squirrel that was really weak. The squirrel must have been injured or sick. Once Monty saw it, he took off running after the squirrel and the squirrel ran as best as it could. I called Monty, yelled after him to stop, but it was useless. His instincts had kicked in and he was in chase mode. Monty chased the squirrel until he caught it. Poor squirrel, his efforts to get away were in vain. Monty almost never catches anything. 99% of the time, the squirrels are too fast. Monty in his conquest, surprised me. As soon as Monty reached the squirrelled, he grabbed it by the neck with his teeth and shook it violently. In less than a minute, he dropped the lifeless body of the squirrel in the grass. Then he walked away. Monty was so happy. He was actually smiling and panting. When he finally came towards me his walk was more of a prance. He didnt try to eat the squirrel, he didnt want to bring it home. He just wanted to chase it and kill it. The kill had invigorated him. My little cute and adorable maltese poodle was a predator. Men are like dogs, even those that are cute and adorable and even small, can turn predator at any time, when the chase is involved, especially if the prey is weak.

So given the glee that Monty had killing a squirrel, you would think hed love to find a dead animal. Nope. Another time we happened upon a dead squirrel. Neither dog even looked at it. It was already dead, no chase involved. Men are like dogs, they dont want it if they cant chase it.

A few years ago, I lived in a vintage home with lots of little cracks perfect for a mouse to fit into. In the cold Chicago winters the mice would find refuge inside the house. When people have mice, they get cats and not dogs. Why? Dogs don’t chase mice. If they were lying in the kitchen and a mouse scurried past, they wouldn’t get up. Instead, both would look at me as to say, Maybe you should get a cat. Dogs are like men, they only chase certain kinds of prey.

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