Sisters, What Do You Want?

Your mission should you choose to accept it: Define what you want.

Although it sounds simple, its fiendishly challenging and comes in two parts. Part one: What kind of man do you want? Part two: What do you want from that man?

The type of man is complex. Envision him. How does he smell, think, look, taste? Is he tall, short, height unimportant? Is he a choir director or a bus driver? A world reknown chef? Is he a high powered executive? Is he gorgeous or reminiscent of Romey-Rome from Martin? Does he have all the time in the world to spend with you or is he on the partnership track with nary a spare second? Most importantly, how does this man make you FEEL?

Understand the contradictions inherit in your choice. A chef probably wont have washboard abs and an executive is probably an asshole. The choir director is probably closeted while the guy with boundless time may be un or underemployed.

Once you decide on the man what do you want from him? A fling? Incredible seemingly unending sexual escapades? Someone to hold your hand and fix your car but no sex? Someone to go to bible study and choir rehearsal with? A life partner? A husband? Your unborn children’s father? A sperm donor? Whatever this is, don’t let it be twisted under the guise of not being alone. Lonely in a relationship is much, much worse.

The first step to having anything your heart desires is defining that wish and reconciling it with reality. Define your man, the man for you and how you see that manifesting as a relationship and what that relationship will look like. This is a process that takes time and understanding of self. I am currently taking this assessment and expect my desires to manifest, just as I expect it to manifest in yours.

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